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It’s not an accident that you’re on this page reading this. I’m Dr. Kim K. Sanders, an Apostolic and Prophetic Voice in The Body of Christ. I’m also an Author, Entrepreneur, the Senior Leader of The House of Healing and Deliverance and the Founder of Kim K. Sanders International, Inc.

With all the chaos, and confusion that’s going on in the world, I wanted to create a strong school and community where I can teach you how to maintain your peace and mental stability while learning how to establish kingdom principles in every area of your life.

In these trying times and evil days you’re going to need a pure, powerful uncompromising and unstoppable community of likeminded individuals, who knows how to authentically overcome the forces of darkness. With all the strange voices speaking in the world and churches today, you’re going to need someone who can teach you sound doctrine with the authority and truth of God’s Word.

Living a normal average life is no longer an option for the Believer. In these last days, as Believers we MUST have God’s SUPER on our natural in order to be sustained.

In the “Higher Learning Christian University” AKA (HLCU), my heart as an Ambassador for God, is to teach you a higher level of learning and how to live a supernatural life. This will be accomplished by releasing every aspect of the Kingdom of God in your life so you can live in sweatless victory. God has legalized this University in the realm of the Spirit, therefore ALL OF HEAVEN is backing me as I pour into the lives I’m assigned to.

Your future depends upon who you allow to impart into your life. You need someone who is anointed to teach, equip and launch you into your “Definite DIVINE Purpose.” Allow me the privilege to be a part of your journey and lead you by example.

Say Yes To An Extensive Study of Higher Learning With Me…

  • I am committed to giving you the very best of me!
  • I will empower you with the tools you need to succeed, but it's up to you to do the work!
  • I will give you winning strategies and strategic blueprints to produce nothing but the best! I will authentically labor to impart authenticity!

I hope you're READY for a University and Community like NO OTHER that will stretch and propel you into a high level of living!

It’s Your Time To Soar. Let's Unlock Your Full Potential Today!

 ~Dr. Kim K. Sanders


The School of Healing and Deliverance

The School of Prayer

The School of Worship

The School of The Supernatural

The School of The Apostolic

The School of The Prophets



  • How to approach the Courts of Heaven to nullify generational curses for good.
  • How to dismantle stubborn demons and eradicate difficult situations that won’t seem to budge. 
  • How to pray from the third realm dimension.
  • The power of praying in tongues.
  • Prayer that unlocks realms and dimensions.
  • Prayer and Fasting that produces BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS.
  • Prayers that pierces the forces of darkness.
  • The art and winning secrets to spiritual warfare.
  • Deliverance 101.
  • How to cast out demons the way Jesus did. 
  • How to minister in healing and deliverance God’s way.
  • Faith that releases Divine Manifestations.
  • Proven Secrets to receiving your Healing.
  • Why many people don’t get healed.
  • Walking in God’s AUTHENTIC power and authority.
  • The difference between praise, worship and glory.
  • The dangers of impure worship and strange fire.
  • How to enter into the most Holy Place.
  • How to steward and maintain God’s Glory.
  • How to ascend in worship.
  • The man behind the music in worship.
  • How to operate in the Supernatural.
  • God’s Supernatural vs. Signs and Wonders from Satan.
  • How to LIVE a Supernatural Life.
  • The difference between the apostolic anointing and Apostleship.
  • How to operate in the Apostolic Anointing.
  • The marks of a True Apostle.
  • How to operate in the Prophetic.
  • How to know if you are a Prophet.
  • How to recognize false Apostles, Prophets and Teachers in the Body of Christ.
  • The Authority of an Apostle and Prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ.


Who is Higher Learning Christian University For?

  • You’re fed up with the same patterns and cycles and you’re ready to COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE  GENERATIONAL CURSES!
  • You’re seeing the same results and you are tired of living a mediocre average defeated life!
  • You are a Pastor, Minister or Leader who’s ready to operate in supernatural realms and dimensions of power!
  • You’re called to be a Prophet and need to be trained, equipped and activated!
  • You are tired of seeing everyone else win and you need more clarity understanding your Definite Divine purpose!
  • You wonder why your prayers are not being answered and you desire to have a prayer life that produces SUPERNATURAL results!
  • You are ready to SUPERNATURALLY manifest the desires of your heart!
  • You’re a Worship Leader, Psalmist, or Musician who desires another dimension of the anointing!
  • You are tired of living in lack and you are ready to live in SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCE!
  • You are ready to increase your faith!
  • You’re a Creator or Innovator who desires to stand out above the crowd!
  • You’re tired of sickness and disease harassing your body and you are ready to live in SUPERNATURAL DIVINE HEALTH!
  • You're tired of mental turmoil and you are ready to have mental stability in your soul!
  • You desire to level up and produce SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS in every area of life!
  • You're not being spiritually fed and you need more!
  • You're tired of struggling and DOING LIFE ALONE and you desire a family community!
Check out what some members are saying…

”Dr. Kim ‘s mentorship program helped change my pattern of thinking in life.

-Karen Carter

”Dr. Kim’s mentorship has given me the knowledge, tools, and empowerment to change every aspect of my life.

-Melanie Bazile

”Dr. Kim’s school has delivered me from Sickness and disease. I have the knowledge on how to pray and have a relationship with God.

-Erika Ervin

”Dr. Kim’s school has shifted my mindset and behavior concerning financial freedom and my purpose in life!

-Uneeda Blackwell 

”If you apply all the tools Dr. Kim provides and stay consistent your life will definitely change. She has the life changing blueprint.

-Theresa A. Stewart

”Dr. Kim’s mentorship has taught me how to obtain better health using practical principles.

-Tranny Arnold III



  • FREE Access to The Higher Learning Christian University (HLCU)
  • Bi Weekly LIVE Classes
  • Extensive Biblical Studies
  • Daily Morning Mastery Motivations to keep you spiritually strong
  • 24/7 Access to our On Demand Library
  • Over Hundreds of Hours of Teaching and Training
  • Downloadable App. To Access All Classes with Ease
  • Homework Assignments
  • A Private Family Community of People Just Like You
  • Live Group Challenges
  • Access to Download Resources 


Recognize The Benefits of Exclusive Mentorship With Dr. Kim K. Sanders:

  •  A Higher Level of Learning and Supernatural Living!
  • Learn The Do's and Dont's From Dr. Kim's Personal Mistakes!
  • Remove Months and Years of trying to figure out life alone!
  • Get Crystal Clear about your Definite DIVINE Purpose!
  • Identify the gaps, blindspots and roadblocks that exist in your life that's holding you back!
  • Get a clear structure and the resources you need to reach your goals!
  • You will receive a unique life blueprint strategy to accomplish your goals!
  • Discover your gifts and learn how to strategically focus on how to manifest your success!
  • Dr. Kim’s wealth of knowledge, revelation and years of wisdom has helped thousands to overcome life’s hurdles and live in victory!
  • You get Dr. Kim’s ANOINTING as the Life Mastery Coach, Apostle, Prophet, Author, Teacher and Entrepreneur wrapped up in one package!
  • Learn how to Completely Eradicate Generational Curses off your bloodline for good!
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