Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life and unsure of how to reach your full potential?

Our program is specifically designed to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential.


Meet Dr. Kim K. Sanders

If you made it to this page, then you already know who I am. But incase you don't, I'm Dr. Kim K. Sanders, and for many years I've been teaching people all around the world how to MASTER their lives!  ​Allow me to introduce you to the "Life Mastery Online Academy" the #1 Personal Development Program in the World! I know how it feels to need a breakthrough in every area of my life. I know what it feels like to experience lack, sickness in my body, painful unfruitful dysfunctional relationships and

BUT...I also know what it is like to experience:
Living an ​abundant above average lifestyle.

  • Being married for 26 years to the man of my dreams.
  • Making more money than I ever have in my entire life.
  • Having the desires of my heart come to pass.
  • Exceptional health.
  • Emotional and mental stability and fruitful prosperous covenant relationships.

In other words I have been able to overcome the ugly, painful, dreadful issues and challenges of life. I've also been able to break dysfunctional patterns, abnormal behaviors and vicious cycles in my life. And now I have a very prosperous, fruitful, peaceful, joyful and healthy life, by learning how to master my own life with spiritual principles and much personal development. Now I'm a Spiritual Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Life Mastery Coach and Consultant, helping thousands of people from all around the world, to produce spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational and financial breakthrough results! I would love to help you too!I look forward to see you in class!

What is Life Mastery Mentorship?

The Life Mastery Mentorship is a Virtual Personal Development Program specifically designed to help you up-level, increase, elevate and master your spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical and financial life.

The word "Master" simply means: To become an expert, skilled, or experienced. The ability to take control, charge or authority. To rule, conquer or overcome.

In the Life Mastery Mentorship Program you will learn how to overcome the hinderances and challenges that keeps you from going to your next level of success. You will discover the blueprint to becoming the skilled expert in your own life, while learning to break patterns and cycles to take authority and control of your finances, health, emotions, mind and relationships while elevating your spiritual life. Dr.Kim K. Sanders will teach you the same proven spiritual laws and practical principles she has applied in her own life to rule and win in life!



Spiritual Mastery

In this Module you will learn how to connect with your true identity. We will teach you to cultivate a more profound sense of inner peace and connection to your spirit and begin a spiritual journey through Divine authority, power, manifestation, and spiritual healing. Live a fuller, more centered, and joyful life.

  • Learn the laws of faith and prosperity to produce Divine manifestation in your life.
  • Learn GUARANTEED Powerful Affirmations you've never heard before that's sure to change your life.
  • Learn how to master having a consistent powerful prayer life that will shift any given situation and atmosphere.


Soul Mastery

We know how to help you overcome self sabotage, negative emotions, and mental limitations that’s been holding you back from reaching your true full potential. You will learn how to take control of your emotions, make sound conscious decisions, to live an authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful life through a unique process of self-discovery, awareness, and more.

  • Break free from the mind battles of fear and strongholds that continuously harasses your soul.
  • Discover how to stay focused in a world of chaos, turmoil and confusion.
  • Overcome mental fatigue, and wavering emotions due to feeling overwhelmed, the stress of life and dealing with the dysfunction of others.
  • Learn how to control your emotions and produce mental toughness and stability.
  • Never again be moved by haters, or affected by the negative emotions, control and manipulation of others.
  • Learn what it takes to maintain a life of peace in devastating situations.
  • Get rid of old belief systems that prevents you from repeating the same bad habits, vicious cycles and patterns.
  • Eliminate life's roadblocks and obstacles that show up unexpectedly and discourage you from crossing the FINISH LINE into the life, success and happiness you know you deserve.


Personal Development Mastery

Ready to unlock your full potential? In this module you will learn how to work towards maximum personal development, learn to set specific goals and achieve them, overcome challenges, and take care of yourself, and enjoy your journey to fulfillment to live the life you've always wanted.

  • Lean how to Balance yourself and personal life.
  • Learn how to set achievable Goal.
  • Learn Time Management.
  • Learn how to perfect your craft with excellence.
  • Learn how to Stay on the Cutting Edge in your industry 


Relationship Mastery

Need to learn how to build lasting relationships? We'll share the tools you need to develop solid and healthy relationships with the people in your life. Discover the power of effective communication, how to resolve conflicts, and make profound and meaningful connections.

  • Learn the secrets to having a loving, successful, happy, stable marriage.
  • Learn the tools to having long lasting, fruitful covenant relationships.
  • Living Single and Fulfilled
  • Learn the EXACT methods to improve your self worth, boost your confidence and unleash the power within.
  • Friendship, vs. Associates, Coworkers & Church Relationships
  • Learn how to get alone with stubborn, dysfunctional people who you have to deal with.
  • Learn how Dr. Kim has developed high-profile relationships in business and in ministry.
  • Learn how to bypass toxic, dysfunctional relationships.
  • Learn the #1 secret that will help you to sustain a meaningful relationship and get along with any type of person.


Health Mastery

You will learn how to take control of your health and live your best life! Learn how to improve and master your physical and mental health, from nutrition, exercise, and self-care to leaving stress and disease behind. Live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life!

  • Get the motivation and inspiration you need to conquer unhealthy eating habits.
  • Discover the #1 reason why you continue to struggle with unhealthy eating and weight gain.
  • Learn how to defeat the dreadful ugly gluttony demon and get to the root that causes you to struggle with food.
  • Learn how to implement lifestyle changes that will lead you to living a consistent life of ultimate health and wellness.
  • Learn how to take care of you physical body the right way.
  • Learn the practical and spiritual principles to experiencing a lifestyle of balance, divine health and healing.


  • Influencers
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Pastors
  • Ministers
  • Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Life Coaches
  • Anyone who desires to increase and elevate their mindset
  • Anyone who desires to walk in total life prosperity in every area of life

What You Get When You Join Life Mastery Mentorship:


Experience 5 months of Live Weekly Power Packed Coaching Classes every Week with Dr. Kim K. Sanders. Over 40 plus hours of teaching and training.


Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. Kim are Priceless and life changing. You will be able to ask ANYTHING pertaining to life, nothing will be off limits.


Get instant 24/7 access to our on demand library. Listen to classes at your own leisure in the privacy of your own atmosphere.


You will receive Homework Assignments that will help you get to the root of the issues. This is where we do the actual work to produce life changing fruit.


Connect in a Private Community and collaborate with other master minds, who like you have taken the leap to grow and elevate to the next level of living.


Breakthrough Strategy Sessions with Dr. Kim are like full blown coaching sessions. One on one coaching with Dr. Kim normally costs $1500 per hour.

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Say Yes To Mentorship With Me

✅I am committed to giving you the very best of me! 

✅ I will empower you with the tools you need to succeed, but it's up to you to do the work!

 ✅I will give you wining strategies and strategic blueprints to produce nothing but the best!  

✅I will authentically labor to impart truth and fresh manna into your life!

I hope you're READY for a mentorship class and community like no other that will stretch and propel you into a higher level of living!

~Dr. Kim K. Sanders



What I Need From You…

Commitment: You MUST be faithful and committed to the process in order to produce BREAKTHROUGH results. Give me at least 6 Months to change your life. This is a journey to Total Life Prosperity, not a marathon. You're either all in or you're not!

  • Be Willing To do The Work: My assignment is to give you the tools you need to win, your job is to do the work!
  • Get Started: Procrastination is an enemy to progress. Join Today and go at your own pace! Choose a payment plan below that's right for you and check your email!


 This is A Non-Refundable Program Please make sure this program is right for you before making the investment. ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Choose the Plan that fits You!

One Time Payment


$497 vs $997

  • One Weekly Class for 5 months
  • Over 40 plus hours of Training 
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Includes lifetime access to on demand library
  • Homework Assignments
  • Join a private community
  • BONUS: Hot Seat Strategy Sessions with Dr. Kim K. Sanders 

Payment Plan

2 X $249

2 Payments of $249 vs $499

  • One Weekly Class for 5 Months
  • Over 40 plus hours of Training 
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Includes lifetime access to on demand library
  • Homework Assignments
  • Join a private community
  • BONUS: Hot Seat Strategy Sessions with Dr. Kim K. Sanders