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Hi! I’m Dr. Kim K. Sanders

Your Life Mastery Coach, and Personal Development Consultant. Most people call me The Problem Solver. 

You're on this page because you are READY TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK! I've been helping thousands of people from all around the world, to produce spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational and financial breakthrough results and I would love to help you to! 

​I have been gifted and graced to help people solve life's problems by getting to the root of hidden issues with the DIVINE wisdom and mind of God through consulting, coaching, training, writing books, and teaching classes. If you think about, is there really any other way to solve problems?

  • I coach and consult giving “solutions” to apply, for you to do the work and
  • I teach and train giving the “how to’s” to accomplish the goal.

-Dr. Kim K. Sanders

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